Solid Perfume | Wild-Harvested Essential Oil Blend | Unisex Fragrance | Travel Friendly | White Sage | 0.5 Oz Tin Price: $18.00 (as of 26/09/2022 01:18 PST- Details)

SMELL GREAT WHEREVER YOU ARE: To use our perfume bar you simply warm the perfume on your fingertips, and apply directly to your wrists and neck. The refreshing mix of steam-distilled essential oils, with the hydrating elements of organic beeswax and jojoba oil, gives you a pure scent that is actually good for your skin. Use our solid perfume bar in the morning to start your day off right, or after strenuous activities to combat odor. Simply carry the bar with you to refresh, as needed, on-the-g
REPLACE TRADITIONAL PERFUME/COLOGNE: A lot of liquid perfumes and colognes contain alcohol to help them evaporate when sprayed. A solid perfume doesn’t need to dry, so no harmful ingredients are necessary in its production. Traditional perfume or cologne is also prone to leaking, whereas it is practically impossible to make a mess with solid perfume. Solid perfume also lasts longer than traditional perfume or cologne, because it is not diluted with water.
ON-THE-GO CONVENIENCE: Our solid perfume bars are the ideal travel accessory. Rather than going without fragrance, or having to use a tiny rollerball to reapply it, you can rely on our easy-to-use fragrance bar instead. This product is the perfect handbag, gym and car essential. Wherever you go, you can trust Juniper Ridge’s solid perfume bars to give you the refreshing scent that you need to go about your day.